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Teaching Staff

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Anna Verschik

(Tallinn University, Estonia)

Anna Verschik is professor of general lingusitics at Tallinn University (Estonia). Her research field is mutlilingualism and language contact. She has written, among other things, on varieties of Yiddish and its contacts with co-territorial languages in the Baltic countries, Yiddish-Lithuanian bilingualism and Jewish-Lithuanian cultural contacts. She has been teaching Yiddish in the summer program since 1998.

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Abraham Lichtenbaum

(Fundación IWO, Argentina)

Abraham Lichtenbaum is the Exectuvie Director of the YIVO in Argentina and the Secretary for Cultural Affairs in the Jewish Community of Buenos Aires. He has been teaching Yiddish in Buenos Aires, Workmen’s Circle in New York, and Vilnius Yiddish Institute in Lithuania. Abraham Lichtenbaum was a headmaster of the Sholem Aleijem high school in Buenos Aires for 25 years. He has been lecturing on Yiddish and other Jewish-related topics in Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay and USA.

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Dov-Ber Kerler

(Indiana University, USA)

Dov-Ber Kerler is the Alice Cohen Chair in Yiddish Studies at Indiana University in Bloomington. Prior to his relocation to the USA in 2001 he studied and taught Yiddish at Hebrew University and later, 1984-2000 at Oxford University. A teacher and scholar of Yiddish, he specializes in the history of the literary language and Yiddish dialects as well as linguistic and cultural ethnography. He is one of the founders and directors of AHEYM (Archives of Historical & Ethnographic Yiddish Memories), editor of the Yerushoalaymer Almanakh — periodical collections of Yiddish Literature, Culture and Scholarship (in Yiddish, published in Jerusalem), and a prolific Yiddish poet (published under the nom de plume “Boris Karloff”). Six volumes of his poetry appeared since 1996. Dov-Ber is the son of Yosef Kerler a leading poet and literary editor (and former long-term refusenik) from Moscow and later Jerusalem (1918-2000). In 1996 a joint volume of his father’s and Boris’s poems, “Shpigl-ksav” [Words in a Mirror], appeared in Jerusalem in 1996, and his most recent one, “Ongetsoygene Strune” [Taut String] was published in Tel Aviv in 2016.

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Vera Szabó

(Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel)

Vera Szabó studied Yiddish at Columbia University and the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. She has taught Yiddish language, literature and folklore at various universities in the US and currently at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Beth Shalom Aleichem in Tel Aviv. She also translates from Yiddish and Hungarian into English. Most recently she started teaching yoga in Yiddish.