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Academic Program

The Vilnius Yiddish Institute offers a program of credit courses each semester at Vilnius University. Beyond Yiddish language instruction, the program provides students of all backgrounds (Jewish, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Belarusian, and more) with knowledge of and insight into the rich civilization of East European Jewry. The selection of credit courses in recent semesters includes the following:

  • Elementary Yiddish

  • Advanced Yiddish

  • Survey of Ashkenazic Civilization

  • Introduction to Jewish History

  • History of Lithuanian Jewry

  • Jewish History in the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth

  • Introduction to Modern Yiddish Literature

  • East European Jewish Art

  • Introduction to Holocaust Studies

  • History of Modern Antisemitism

  • Theories of Nationalism

  • Folkmusic of the Stateless Cultures of Lithuania

  • Yiddish Folk Music and Folklore